‘Legally Blonde: The Musical’ Is Looking For The Perfect Dog To Play Bruiser Woods

Dachshunds playing outdoors

“Legally Blonde” is one of the most iconic films in Hollywood and now Australia decided to make a musical out of it. One of the most recent auditions included doggos for the part of Bruiser Woods.

– Doggos auditioned for the role of Bruiser Woods.
– Bruiser Woods is the doggo in “Legally Blonde.”
– In Australia, a musical version of the movie is on the works.

In the original movie, Bruiser Woods was a Chihuahua but for the musical, they are looking for a dachshund. Over the weekend, many dog owners took their sausages to the audition area. The leading lady of the musical, Samm Hagen, was even photographed with some of the doggos.


The musical’s dog trainer said they are looking for a star who can bark on command and pretend it is having a conversation. The dog also needs to be very comfortable in stage because there will be bright lights, loud noises, and applause.

The producer of the musical said that they wanted the dog to be a dachshund because they want something fresh for the musical. Also, they partnered with Dachshund Rescue Australia so that if anyone from the audiences later wants to adopt a dachshund, they could contact the rescue center.

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