This Year’s Late Country Night Picnic Is For All Ages And It’s Dog-Friendly

A dog with his owner at an event

On August 16, if you do not have anything planned yet, this year’s Late Country Night Picnic is taking place. The event is from 6 to 10 P.M. and it is dog-friendly so that’s great news to dog owners and dog lovers.

– The Lake Country Night Picnic this year will be on August 16.
– The event is from 6 to 10 P.M.
– It is dog-friendly and is great for all ages.

At the event, there will be food, music, and art. The event-goers can tour at the Lake Country Art Gallery and be part of the talent shows like spoken word, poetry, and many more. There will also be a raffle so be sure to be there until the end of the event because you just might win something. At night, there will be a Draw by Night event as well as a planting event.


There have been no requirements yet as to doggos being taken to the area but it is a dog-friendly event so doggos are certainly welcome. The event is at British Columbia, Canada.

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