Largest Dog-Friendly Music Festival In Colorado Took Place Over The Weekend

A dog and its owner at an event

The Roice Hurst Humane Society just hosted their fourth annual Wuffstock Music Festival last Sunday. This is the largest dog-friendly festival in Colorado.

– The fourth annual Wuffstock Music Festival took place in Colorado over the weekend.
– This is the largest dog-friendly music festival in the area.
– There were bands that played, food trucks, wine, beer, and many more.

Accordingly, a lot of local bands performed for the music festival and there were food trucks, beer, and wine that everyone enjoyed. The ticket purchased from the Wuffstock Music Festival is of two purposes because dog owners were also able to take their doggos for a swim at the Lincoln Park Pool after the music festival.

One of the staff with the Roice Hurst Humane Society said that the event was very important to them because their mission is to “promote bonds between pets and their people.” The event brings people together with their dogs and they did a lot of awesome stuff together during the music festival. Part of the proceeds from the event was also used for the dogs at the shelter.


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