Korean Boy Band Member Reveals His Doggo Passed Away

A brown chihuahua lying on the grass

One of the members of Korean boy band NCT 127 named Taeyong revealed on their Instagram and Twitter accounts that his doggo Ruby passed away. He referred to his dog Ruby as his best friend in the caption alongside the cute photo of the pup.

– A Korean boy band called NCT 127 has a member named Taeyong.
– Taeyong had a dog called Ruby.
– Unfortunately, the dog passed away.

In his statement, Taeyong said he thought about how to tell their fans about the unfortunate news. He added, “Ruby was loved by many fans as well as my family.” He continued to say that Ruby was the most perfect friend in the world and that in the next life, they would meet again and take care of each other. He ended the post with the words “I love you.”

Many of the fans then commented and made the hashtags “TaeyongStayStrong” and “TaeyongYouAreLoved” trend on social media.


See the cute photo from the sad story by Anna Chan at – https://www.billboard.com/

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