Korean Band Member Posts Video Of His Dog And Fans Can’t Get Enough Of It

A black cocker spaniel

Korean band called BTS is a very famous band not only in Korea but all over the world. One of its members, V, posted in the BTS Twitter page some videos of his doggo and fans cannot get enough of the animal.

– The band members of Korean band called BTS are also in social isolation.
– However, they update their fans regularly.
– Recently, one of the members, V, posted many videos of his doggo on their Twitter page.

Accordingly, the BTS band members are likewise practicing social isolation because of the pandemic but they continue to interact with their fans. In one of the videos that V shared, the dog was walking alongside the singer. In another, the dog just sat on the floor and listened to the music being played. Many fans commented saying that the dog has grown so much since it was first introduced by V. Others became nostalgic and said they felt sad because they remembered the dog being introduced two years ago.

The dog’s name is Tannie and has a number of followers of his own in his social media.


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