Do You Have A Lot Of Knowledge About Music? Here’s A Game That Would Let You Help Doggos While You Enjoy

A black guide dog

BC & Alberta Guide Dogs are encouraging people who love music to join their Virtual Trivia Summer Series. By joining, people will be helping the doggos under the care of different organizations.

– A trivia about music will take place soon.
– It is through the BC & Alberta Guide Dogs organization.
– The funds will be used to raise…

According to the press release of the organization, they have two trivia themes and the goal is to raise money for guide dogs, autism service dogs, and post-traumatic stress disorder service dogs. These dogs will soon be matched to those who mostly need them.

The July 24 trivial is called Trivia Music Festival. There will be six rounds and the topics will range from different music genres like Rock n’ Roll, Woodstock, Musicals, TV Talent, Movie Soundtracks, and Award Winners. People across Canada and the United States can join the trivia. There will also be prizes but those are yet to be determined.


Tickets are sold at $20 each. The game is accessible via computers or mobile phones.

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