Kids Wanted A Puppy So Bad That They Even Planned Making A Music Video

A boy with a puppy

Siblings can be scheming and when the mom finds out, it’s hilarious! These kids just wanted to have a puppy so they devised a plan about making a music video to convince their parents to get them a doggo.

Two siblings really wanted a dog.
– They devised a plan to convince their mom that they should get a dog.
– One of the plans was to make a music video…

The mom took to Facebook to post a photo showing her children’s plans. The little boy and his younger sister made a list of what they could do but they forgot to hide it. Their mother found it on top of the kitchen table. Some of the things they decided to do so as to get a doggo was to do all the chores, drop in random facts about doggos, post cute photos of dogs all over their house, and give compliments.

The siblings have been wanting a dog after their grandma got her own dog.


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