Katy Perry Has New Music Video And Her Doggo Is One Of The Stars!

A photo showing a Goldendoodle

Singer Katy Perry just released the music video for her new single “Small Talk” and one of the stars is her own doggo, Nugget. The music video also showed a number of other dog breeds.

– Katy Perry just released a new music video.
– The video is for her music “Small Talk.”
– The video showed many doggos including her own doggo, Nugget.

The music video centered on a dog show, which Perry and her doggo were part of. They won the award but after that, one of the other dog owners caught the eye of Perry. Eventually, Perry went out with the guy and sort of forgot that she has a doggo. Nugget became sad until she also fell in love with Perry’s boyfriend’s doggo, a black Labrador.

Nugget has been a favorite because she also appeared on an advertisement in 2017. The doggo starred in the ad of Perry for Citi’s Double Cash Card. In the advertisement, the doggo even had her own personalized chair and looked like a real celebrity.


See the cute video from Eric Todisco’s article here – https://people.com/

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