Katy Perry Reveals How Her Assistant Did Something Really Wonderful For Her And Her Dog

A photo showing a dog playing dead

There are a lot of musicians and artists out there who love their dogs and “Roar” singer Katy Perry is one of them. In a recent interview, Perry revealed that her assistant did something great not only for her dog but also for her.

The dog of Katy Perry almost died.
– The assistnt of the singer performed CPR on the dog.
– The assistant shared that…

Fans of Perry know that the singer loves her dog, Nugget, so much. A few days ago, the doggo became unresponsive and it was feared that the dog would no longer wake up. Thanks to the assistant of Perry who administered CPR on the doggo, the dog was brought back to life. The assistant said that she pushed on the chest of the dog then blew in her mouth.

Accordingly, the assistant of Perry watched how to administer CPR on animals through “The Dodo,” a website that features animals. Apparently, she was able to watch a video of a guy saving a squirrel thru CPR.


Read the heartwarming story written by Andrew Dresdale here – https://abcnewsgo.com

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