Katy Perry And Her Doggo Reveal A Designer Baby Gift From…

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Katy Perry recently took to her Instagram story to share a video of her and her doggo. She and her dog, Nugget, revealed that her baby, Daisy Dove, got a gift from a designer.

– Katy Perry just gave birth to her daughter Daisy Dove.
– She revealed on her Instagram that she has been getting a lot of gifts.
– One of which was from her friend…

In the video, the singer could be heard saying, “All a baby needs is a bed, some boob, and some love…but maaaaybe a little Moschino by Jeremy Scott!  Isn’t that right, Nugget?” The designer gift given by the Moschino creative director is said to be a red stroller that has Minnie Mouse ears. Nugget was actually on the stroller as revealed by Perry.

Aside from that, Perry also showed off the other gifts she received for her baby Daisy Dove. One was a unicorn robe from singer Lionel Richie, who is also her co-judge in “American Idol.”


Perry has also been busy showing her fans the nursery of her baby. It is a pink room with a cute crib, a diaper changing station, and other baby stuff.

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