Ever Hoped Of Bumping Into Musician Justin Bieber While Walking His Doggo?

A photo of a dog being walked by its owner

Canadians were in for a treat after they have bumped into musician Justin Bieber while he was out walking his doggo in his hometown.

Singer Justin Bieber was out with his dog in Canada.
– Lots of people took photos with him.
– The musician is not working on any song right now.

The “Sorry” singer has been in Los Angeles for most days of the year but he usually goes home to Canada to visit his family. During his recent visit, he decided to go out and walk his doggo. Lots of fans asked if they could take a photo with him and when he gave his consent, the fans took to their social media accounts to post about the encounter.

Others were not able to take a photo with him but one fan revealed that she hugged the singer while he was out walking his doggo. The fan noted that she asked Bieber if he had new music coming out. The singer said that there’s nothing to expect from him anytime soon.


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