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In this section we will have trivia, games, and all kinds of funny dog related stuff!! So let’s continue to laugh and sing and and make sure to bring your dog in so he to can share in with you all!!

“The Bowser Bash”

Every year the Bowsers like to wowser so they put on a ball with their all that they call the Bowser Bash that doesn’t take cash only a stash of bones will rock you into this mash as it is known!!So our four legged friends dash in to spin and flash it to win so they don’t have to crash it in sin!!


As they start to dance and bark even in the dark, they do it with all their heart in all the parts they mark with their stark spark and soar like larks but don’t park their butts they just keep on ruff ruffing!! When they’ve had enough they still will spin and grin!! This is how they run and dance in the sun so let me tell you hon they are one of the sum that make my life all the fun!!

So as the party winds down you may hear a frown because these hounds are so wound, new energy is constantly found!! But don’t let their pouting sounds drown you in doom instead let it crown you and groove because as soon as they hit the hay they will sleep and sleep all day this is the Bowser’s way!!


You put your left paw up high five it with some jive and ride it all around as you shake it up and down, bump it with your best friend is how we blend our paw shake to make the canine human handshake!!


You put your right paw leg down and steady it on the ground as you get ready to stroll all around with two paws in the clouds waving like you just found a pound of doggy treats as you sound all the other hounds to gather all around and crown you up and down.

Do the WOOFEY everyone, WooFDiver is having FUN!

You put your left paw leg up as you roll and you fluff your tongue pants in a huff your best friend starts to ruff ruff this is when you’ve had enough and want to rest from all this crazy dog dance stuff!!

You move your right paw up and slam it all around as you strike your owner in the mouth and ask him what’s this all about but please don’t maul him all around just swipe him once and he will understand the wipe was full of love and this was just a stunt and no he’s not a dunce and you are so sorry if he feels like a klutz!!

What’s That Move That Dog Just Grooved

This is so cool!! All Dogs know how to do it!! They “Break Dance” on their backs when they want a belly rub!! They “Shake, Wag, and Rub”, when they get wet!! And of course they can “Doggie Dance” on two legs when they want a treat!! This is a guide how to define your Dogs Move and let him Groove!! So get your Pup and Bust a Move and Rock out to our Groove!! Great Tune to get your Dog Party started and get all the Hounds all over town to get down!! FUN STUFF!!

What’s That Move That Dog Just Grooved

This is the dog dancing guide on how to identify your dogs stride!! They all move with a paw balanced groove so this will prove you’ve studied their moves and know their groove!!

Prance Dance is how the prim & proper hounds move to the sounds!! They move in and out like they are prancing on a model’s runway route!! Don’t let’em fool you they still will drool and shout it out that’s what the prance dance is all about!!

The Break Dance is a chance dance the pups will cast to entice you to rub their belly as they squirm like jelly and pant oh Nelly. They have the knack as this will scratch their own back and put them in a trance as you can see them smiling on this break dance!!

Shake, wag and rub are the moves the pups groove to when they get wet or after they’ve slept!! They shake their head from laying in bed, fluff and rub their neck because we know they don’t sweat, you may say what the heck?? Than they wag their tail to keep it fresh and not stale all along as the music wales!!

The strut dance will get you to stare as they move their dairy air!! Some of the hounds will put their heads down and move their hiney all around waiting for a touch with such zest and anxious rest!! The strut dance is a butt stance that puts the pups in the ultimate trance!!

The doggie dance is two paws in the air waving them like they just don’t care!! Reaching high in the sky sometimes looking for a pick me up ride!! They also dance on this two leg stance to beg and have a glance of what’s above and get in on some love!!

So now you know how the dogs go and get their rhythm to flow!! Keep on loving them and keep on running with them as they dance and move and ride the groove!!

“Livin’ Life Doggy Style”

We see the sunrise and it ain’t no surprise we start our howling sighs!! Wake up and take us out here we go with a shout: Living Life Doggy Style!!

We make our way outside it’s about time what’s up with dat man we got a plan we gave our sound around an hour or so ago, you in slow mo?? You gots to let us hounds do our rounds and shake it up so come’on man wake it up!! Living Life Doggy Style!!

Yeah we got it going on right now in the yard playing hard we on guard ain’t no lard here just hard bodies near yeah you know some of our brothers are Rotties and sisters our Hotties!! Ohhhhhhhhhhh, living life doggy style!!

As the day rolls on our play goes on you take us to mush or run this is our wish for fun so let our tongues touch the ground as we roll all around!! Oh yeah living life doggy style!!

As the sunsets, we have no frets you bet, as we got to jet, met some energy sets so we got some energy debt that’s how a doggy sweats!! That’s it, living life doggy style!!

Dinner time now so lets get some grub down open the fridge so we can do a little doggy binge than quiet it down, us hounds need some lying around!! Gotta catch some zzzzzs and recharge our batteriesssss so not a peep let us sleep, catch you in the AM when we will ride again, peace out until then!! Living Life, Doggy Style!!

Get Your Dog Party Here

This is so cool!! This is Dog Party Music to dance, sing, and let them do their thing. Some of this music is “Heavy Metal” and can Rock & Roll all Dog Kennels!! Who’s in the WooFHouse is a compilation to satisfy all Dogs from all nations. We have included samplings from Country, Rap, Rock & Roll, Jazz, Disco to just name a few. So again Crank it up and let’em RUFF RUFF!!

Country Twang, Tongues Hang
Disco Doggy
Paw Banging RUFF Rock & Roll
Bark It Loud & Sing It Proud
My Pack Can Definitely RAP

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