John Mayer Releases New Song, Music Video – Guess Who Was One Of Those Featured

Yellow Labrador

John Mayer has a new song and it came with a music video. It is called “Last Train Home,” and was inspired by the classic “Sweet Child o’ Mine.”

– John Mayer has a new song called “Last Train Home.”
– It came out together with a music video.
– In the music video, Mayer’s doggo…

Most of the elements in the “Sweet Child o’ Mine” music video were incorporated in Mayer’s “Last Train Home” as they wanted to pay homage to the legendary musicians. Both music videos opened with an image of a digital clapboard, which signifies the start of the filming. They also incorporated Eric Clapton’s 1985 video for his song “Forever Man.”

Another similarity with the “Sweet Child o’ Mine” music video of Guns N’ Roses and “Last Train Home” is that doggos were present on set. In “Swet Child o’ Mine,” Guns N’ Roses guitarist Izzy Stradlin’s dog was present. As for “Last Train Home,” it was Mayer’s pooch that was on set.


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