Jazz Singer Starts Her Career As Visiting Teacher At A College Together With Her Doggo

A woman and her dog dancing

A Jazz singer and songwriter named Maria De Angelis started her career as a visiting teacher at the Cayuga Community College (CCC) in Auburn, New York just recently. Together with her doggo, she decided to start a new chapter in her life.

– A musician, who is also a dog owner, got into one of CCC’s scholarship programs.
– The musician started her career while taking a tour of the school with her doggo.
– The musician has since taught…

De Angelis said that she bumped into a professor of music and recording arts at CCC two years ago. The professor, who was also out walking his doggo, suggested that De Angelis should apply for CCC’s Professor Robert H. Brunell Visiting Scholar.

She luckily got in and has been teaching students since she got at CCC last August. She said that she does not have any background in teaching but she has used her songwriting and other skills related to music to help her students.


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