Singer Jason Derulo Reveals An Incident About His Doggo And It’s Hilarious!

A couple walking their dog before it gets dark

Singer Jason Derulo was recently interviewed via Hits Radio Breakfast and he shared about the dumbest thing his doggo has done. He noted that it is wonderful to have his doggo named Ice but it’s not always fun times with the doggo.

– Singer Jason Derulo was recently interviewed.
– He shared a funny story about his dogs.
– He noted that one of his dogs, Ice, did a really dumb thing the other day.

Derulo shared that dogs are very smart but “They’re dumb sometimes!” Accordingly, Derulo was out and about with his doggos as they had their routine walk the other day. Derulo revealed that one of his dogs, Ghost, took a dump. Ice then went over to where the poop was and smelled it. Derulo further shared during the interview, “Damn, where did all this money go! I thought we trained you not to do dum…”

More on Derulo, he is working on his new album. He just released two songs called “Savage Love” and “Take You Dancing.”


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