IT Engineer, Other Organizations In India Uses Music And Technology To Help Stray Dogs

A photo showing stray dogs

An IT engineer and different organizations in India use technology and music to help stray dogs.

Stray dogs in India are a problem.
– One IT Engineer helped a stray dog and subsequently launched an app for doggos.
– An NGO used gadgets to play music for stray dogs to calm them during…

The IT engineer is named Yash Sheth and he saw one stray dog who was bleeding helplessly so he helped it by paying for an ambulance and taking it to the vet. Because of this experience, Sheth decided to use an app called Let It Wag to help stray doggos in their country. The app alerts dog lovers if a stray dog needs help near them.

As for the other organizations in India, they have been using music to help stray dogs. One non-governmental organization called Animals Matter To Me created a gadget to play music in order to soothe these stray dogs during storms and other events that emanate loud noises.


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