‘Isle of Dogs’ Remains To Be Talk Of The Town – Who Wrote This Movie’s Wonderful Soundtrack?

Isle of Dogs

The much-praised movie “Isle of Dogs” by Wes Anderson has been the talk of the town. Now, it’s time to know who is the genius behind the soundtrack of this unconventional movie.

The music in “Isle of Dogs” was arranged mainly by Alexandre Desplat.
– The soundtrack for the dog-centered movie centers on the Asian elements since the movie’s plot is in Japan.
– The sountrack also reflected the…

Alexandre Desplat is the person behind the soundtrack of the flick. The soundtrack for the dog-related movie is reportedly fitting because it was able to incorporate the Asian elements. This is because “Isle of Dogs” is about doggos being exiled to an island in Japan due to a dog flu epidemic and the quest of one boy who wanted to look for his doggo.


The music by Desplat for “Isle of Dogs” was also able to reflect the themes of the movie such as team work, companionship, dogs being man’s best friend, and the like.

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