Is Your Dog Having Anxiety Issues? Try This Speaker That Has Classical Music To Calm Your Doggo Down

A dog listening to music

Dogs are sometimes suffering from anxiety and aside from taking classes or bringing them to the vet to calm down, you might want to try having your doggo listen to some classical music. You can do this easily with a new dog accessory called iCalmDog 3.0.

– A product called iCalmDog 3.0 plays classical music for doggos and cats.
– It can play songs for as long as five hours.
– It reduces stress levels in dogs and…

This upgraded Bluetooth speaker lets you play classical music from your phone or other gadgets but it also has built-in classical music sounds that is ready to be played once you get the product. According to many studies, classical musical calms down dogs and reduces their stress levels. It also has psychological effects in doggos so you can start worrying less when you leave your dog at home alone.


The iCalmDog can play calming music for five hours straight. The item is worth $99.95. It is also available for cats.

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