Irish Country Singer Reveals Birth Of Their Baby Girl – How Is Their Family Dog Treating The New Family Member?

A baby being kissed by a dog

Irish country music singer Mike Denver revealed recently that his wife gave birth to their daughter Mia. The baby was born last Friday in Galway.

– Irish country singer Mike Denver and his wife just welcomed their baby girl.
– The mom and daughter are doing amazing.
– Denver has not yet revealed how their dog is doing since the arrival of the new member of the family.

In a post, Denver said that their “hearts are exploding with love & gratitude” because despite the chaos as of the moment, their baby girl is their “shining light of hope that life can be truly magnificent.” The couple has a doggo named Snoopy and he has been a significant member of the family and was also reportedly getting ready for the birth of his human sister.


In a recent interview, Denver said that although Snoopy is not an “easy going dog at home,” he has to get used to having a baby around the place. Denver noted that the main changes that the dog has to deal with are the new furniture in their house and that things had to be moved around.

Denver has not released any statement yet on how the doggo is doing but noted that his wife and daughter are doing amazing.

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