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Music About The Dogs
These Tunes are all about my dogs and their funny traits,  personalities and style!! Please use these as a suggestion to write your own dog tune hit!! My hope is for all dogs to have their own song about them!!

The WooFPAK’S Song

Another way another collar WooFDriver gets  us to holler
It’s WooFDrivers rolling ways and we wouldn’t change a thing
Another outing is getting near and  WooFDriver always steers
The only way we’d have it you know it’s all in our dreams
It’s our WooFPAK song, we play it on and on, on and on
It’s the fun thats on our mind, we always have a wild time
(oh,) the night rolls always take a toll on us The towns lights fly by in a rush, as we pull and mush the wheels of the sled, its our dream dance when (we’re) not in bed
It’s the WooFPAKS song, we play it on and on, on and on WooFPAKS Song is as rocking as the trail we’re on
It’s those big wheels that  the WooFMobile rolls, we’ve been mushing this ride it’s gold
All this WooFDriverness, ain’t as crazy as it seems
Everywhere we romp and tour, we’re just a WooFPAK on the roll, we roam wild & free, this is not a dream
It’s the WooFPAKS song, we play it on and on, on and on WooFPAKS Song is as rocking as the trail we’re on
It’s the WooFPAKS song, we play it on and on, on and on WooFPAKS Song is as rocking as the trail we’re on

Princess And Fellas

Last of September starts our whirls,
This starts cooking up the scene,
It’s (our) WooFPAK’S dream,
WooFDriver knows the needing for our heard
Just imagine his loving plan,
He’s holdin’ our paws and
Whisperin’ commands and
Moving softly like a snow bird.
In the mornings we crave to be
With the cheer in our eyes and the
Warmth of our smile,
WooFPAK howls as our energy growls
WooFDriver says dogs hot damn you see
I’m breaking my back,
Just trying to keep up with the WooFPAK team, an
And it’s turnin’ me wild”
Princess (and) fellas can’t you see
I love your company,
We gonna leave first morning for our play,
WooFDriver will take you away
Moonlight stares on the trail course,
We’re mushing around on these flings like kids
With this night plan,
WooFDriver rolls
These endeavors are a woof ploy ,
That takes boys with toys to bring woof’s joy,
The pit crew men will have,
To endure the dark and cold
Princess (and) fellas can’t you see
I love your company
We gonna leave first morning for our play
WooFDriver will take you away


The WooFPAK Dream

They look for the ride
And they get all fired up inside
It’s so amazing
But this fills love in their heart

And it’s so mighty fine
You know they strive
It’s (all) part of their game
This is the WooFPAK wanting
And running ways

They always need run days
To relieve their energy feed it’s wolf ways
They have a dream all days you and them (will) find this way again and again


Each day of their life their filled
With all the fun he can find
You know that he is the WooFDriver guy
And he’ll always spark their zest
In his grasp he holds their hearts and plans
The WooFPAK’s love and yearnings
For the run, mush, and prance
Go, go, go, go, go, go
He loves you doggies

This is the dream that they all live together
As they all love the scenes of endless running themes
WooFDriver and WooFPAK always (is) the team!

WooFPAK’S Beginning

Every dog has a wish
They have to unwind
It will please their mind
Here’s a sing about what we do
To get them loving their bed
Tired like dead
And here it is
You see it’s all clear
We were meant to steer
WooFPAK’S beginning
Start with how we free range
And have play woof duels
FurWheeling’s so cool
They just want to run and run
WooFPAK does it all
As WooFDriver makes the call
You see it’s all clear
We were meant to steer
WooFPAK’S beginning

Like Zarro Leads The Team

If only you’d lead the team like Zarro leads the team we would fly
If if only you’d lead the WooFPAK team like Zarro we would fly
We’ll take flight and roam the heavens of earth to fly it with you puppy
So we’ll mush the run and you’ll feel the power and we’ll fly for hours
There’s really so many places to roam as you’ll want to
You know this is how we ride, it’s so easy to go all you gotta do is have the WooFPAK with you
You’ll hear paws prance and rainbows dance. Whenever you’re mushing with them, and you’ll feel the bouncing and loving, whenever your mushing with them!
You’ll flow like a river when they mush you, when they clock speeds with sonic boom rings, your heart will start dancing inside you, it’ll make you wanna sing, WooFDriver
If only you’d lead the team like Zarro leads the team we would fly
If if only you’d lead the WooFPAK team like Zarro we would fly

“LuLu’s WooFDriver Family Pact”

Well You are the man
Always with a plan
But that is understood
Especially when the moon is full
As the huskies start the call

And here I dance
Paws in the air
Seeing you ready to roll
As you gather the Pak to go
Heading strait to the trail

As I recall the love
And the incredible fun
My small size wont let me drive you said
I know where your coming from
You always have my best

A few years ago
You taught me to run the bike
You always get me psyched
We both know I can’t tow the load
But I can still row my own!!

Well I burst on the scene
Hearing of the dream
The incredible WooFDriver
The one who sets hearts a fire
I strayed into your arms

And there you were
Incredibly so lovingly
The journey was off to be
A magnificent bond with me
Of the PAK and family

Now I hear you chatting
With the PAK rambling around
And the snow in their hair
Now your getting set to roll

On the trails you guys roam
Along the east coast rails
The drool comes out their mouths
Tails are wagging in the air
Speaking strictly for me
I prefer to stay in the warm scene!!

Now you’re back with me
After their running needs!!
You are petting me so intently!!
You are so good to me
And at keeping things great!!
I consider myself part of the PAK
And you always reinforce that
Yes I see it clearly
The WooFDriver Family and PAK are your most important act!!

Sweat Dogs

We go out, in those temperatures that you only laugh about, We go out, in the elements you always wince about And the games are all the same, how we run around, and it seems those dreams have all come around The WooFDriver would lead us, WooFDriver would lead us, to the trail where we he needs us, to the trail where we he needs us

Yeah we love him a lot cause he takes is to the spot we go out, we go out, we go out

We go out, The SweatDogs, the hounds that always run around. We go out, and the rules are all the same and never frowned upon

All the fun that we have nearly everyday, is because of The WooFDriver’s Special Ways

That’s the stuff Free Ranging, that’s the stuff Free Ranging, FurWheeling, and Maze Chasing, FurWheeling and Maze Chasing

Yeah we love him a lot because he takes us to the spots we only dream about

We go out, we go out, we go out

We go out, we go out, we go out

Yes we love him a lot cause he takes us to the spots, we go out, The Sweat Dogs go out, they go out, we go out

We go out, we go out we go out

The Sweat dogs go out, they go out, they go out!!


Pack Daddy Czar is always out checking all about. He loops the premise to make sure there is no menace. As he looks around he can stare you down, but what he really wants is to sniff the ground and eat any morsels that maybe found!! He is so proud and handsome with lots of fire just like the WooFDriver!!

Baby Face Hudson is just chilling out before we go running all about. He reserves and conserves his energy so he can be the fastest on the team!! He loves to compete and that’s part of his scheme!! Sometimes known as the mischievous one he really just wants to have fun!!

Pretty Princess is pacing her space and can’t wait til we get to the place. Boy does she get pumped ready to romp, jump, and stomp all around!! She is one TUff Mama that always stands her ground!!

Look out for Jag. The Jagster as I say is a real prankster every day!! Not yet sure of the situation but will troll around waiting for one of his buddies to stroll abound. He stalks them and taunts them and tries to wrestle them down to the ground as they run it is so much fun!!

Chase or WolfMan as we say is the golden eyed beauty who really is such a cutie!! He trots all over with his long legs, he is a serious roamer!! He is usually in front of the PAK he is a hunter like that!! He can’t wait to pick up on a scent and then take off like a jet!!

Than there is Zarro the gentle giant but he is certainly not so quiet!! He howls and carries on and gets the whole PAK to ramble on!! He is like a Teddy bear with a wooly coat of hair standing so Royal and is so very loyal.

Who could forget the LoverGirl LuLu, as she whirls abound sometimes in circles all over the ground!! She is a tiny hound who loves to rub her hiney all around. She is the dog that is so fond of the pond where she chases the frogs with all her passion even as she is dressed in the latest fashion!!

“Hudson Came Along”

For a year it was clear the bike could steer Czar Bears energy and control the leash fight and take his life to new heights!! WooFDriver was so enlightened to see his dog so excited, he wanted to share this incredible life and take another husky to flight!! The right dog who would have some husky might and also see the light while he would accompany WooFDriver’s main man Czar which was the master part of this plan to expand the team so they could all live the dream!!

That’s how Hudson my second loving husky, came along, and double the fun was twice the love and the need for more speed to burn their yearn to churn and for me to learn how to earn their respect and accept me as their Alpha and what this all meant!!

We soon outgrew the bike that was managing their energy release and would unleash the power they harnessed but as they grew it was time to do another challenge to maintain their balance!!

We needed a new idea to take this drive on another ride!! That’s when WooFDriver said lets crank it up a notch and watch the boys do what they most enjoy. That is pulling and running to capture all of their loving and we need to find the ultimate ride!!

WooFDriver was going to acquire a Sacco Cart to help the pups learn the art of dog smarts, and how to pull with their weight and train their gait!!

At the time the Sacco cart was the real deal and main wheels to train dogs to pull and the commands they need to understand the direction to proceed. This cart design was lightweight, and could accommodate most adult riders, even two people could ride and drive at the same time!! It also hooked up to the dogs at 4 points on their harness which is the smartness that would help maintain them as you train them so they would stay in the right position and understand their mission!!

This Sacco Cart was one of my greatest additions to all of my dog related accusations!! It provided everything I would need to feed the dogs their fill and appeal to their will! They easily trained on it and would keep them fit, as It lit their fire and fed their desire!!

“How Czar Got It All Started”

Czar Started It

WooFDriver got to hold his first pup Czar Bear and touch his cold nose just when he was just 8 weeks old!! He was the first member of the PAK and educated WooDriver about how huskies act!! He was a handsome guy with icy blue eyes and a furry white coat of hair, which Czar bear wore proudly, sometimes loudly and certainly with his flair!!

WoofDriver soon saw Czar’s desire and knew he had to find a way to burn down his fire!! He tried taking Czar on hikes and walks, he thought this ought to control his might and stall his fight on the lead but Czar had so much more indeed!! These walks and hikes had so much appeal but they couldn’t deal the real feel they were just a tease to him, so WooFDriver had to find another way to please him in, so he could release his power with in!!

WooFDriver found a part that would quickly find a place in his heart!! It let him safely attach Czar to his bike, he could now see the light!! Czar could hustle and use his muscle to run pull and sizzle until his fizzle was up!! This was some incredible stuff!’

This bike riding method was the seed!! WooFDriver would now be able to generate some speed and could challenge Czar’s needs!! After a quick mile Czar had a smile on his face and was done, ready to sleep some and rest up for more fun!! WooFDriver could now give his Husky a ride that could appeal to his energy side and be done in a short time!!

His behavior would become the flavor WooFDriver so savored!!

After he got this method down, He could now focus on Czars other needs and decided Czar could use some WooFPak company indeed, and that’s where Hudson entered our family and team!! This was the start of The WooFDriver Dream!!

“Princess Is The Girl”

Princess is the husky girl of WooFDriver’s world!! She is a wooly husky that can be a little fussy!! Don’t let her blonde hair blue eyed beauty fool ya she will try to rule ya!! She has added another dimension to the WooFDriver direction!!

Princess came to WooFDriver when she was just 4 years young to join Czar and Hudson and roll with them for endless fun!!

A typical loving and stubborn husky that just needed to run. This dame needed to be challenged to gain her balance and exert her power to devour her wild side and tame her flame was the name of the game she had to engage!!

WooFDriver’s first task was to teach her how to be Free!! He knows it sounds extreme but that’s what she would need!! The leash would only confine her and be a negative reminder. He had to design her time to reflect a more positive effect!!

When he was able to build trust He could get rid of the leash fuss!! After they shed the leash they were able to proceed to the heart of the dream to run free and pull the cart with all her heart!! This is the start of the best part an how WooFDriver tamed this young tart!!

This is the Official WooFTunes Performance Video of “Princess Is The Girl”!! This original song was written and performed by the WooFPlay band and features Romany Saylor on lead vocals. This song is about WooFDriver’s beautiful husky and how she became part of the WooFPack. It describes the training and love that is so important. You can see Princess in many of our videos today, running and playing with the other dogs. She is the girl of WooFDriver’s World!!

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