Indie Singer Makes Song For Dog Owners Who Are Grieving For The Loss Of Their Fur Babies

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An Indie singer named Trina Belamide decided to pen a song for grieving pet owners. The song is called “Beyond the Rainbow Bridge.”

– An indie singer made a song for people who are grieving over the loss of their pets.
– It is called “Beyond the Rainbow Bridge.”
– The singer and songwriter said she had to write about it because…

The singer and songwriter named Trina Belamide shared in a statement that she had to write a song about the grieving part when someone loses their fur baby because she personally witnessed the pain of her friends when they lost theirs. She added, “I love animals. I don’t have a pet of my own because I am not sure I can handle it emotionally if I or when I lose them. But I felt compelled to write this because I cry when my friends lose their pets.”

The song is actually in reference to Rainbow Bridge where dogs are believed to cross once they pass away. Belamide released a music video as well and she said that what is seen in the video is what she visualized when she wrote the song. She believes that the rainbow bridge has green fields, hills, a rainbow, and the sunset where doggos can run freely.


Listen to the song from the thorough scoop of Rick Olivares here –

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