Singers Sing Songs So They Can Promote About Doggo Adoption

Dog adoption

An Indian singer named Raghu Dixit recently released an album. The first song in his album is about the love between a human and doggos. His aim with this song is to promote dog adoption.

– A singer released a new album.
– One of the songs in the album is about doggos and humans.
– The Indian singer said that the song is dedicated to…

Accordingly, Dixit sang the song together with Samyukta Hornad. The video for the song features a total of 100 photos of humans and their fur babies from all over India. In an interview with Dixit, he said that Hornad dedicated the song to her dog, who already passed away seven years ago, named Gunda. As for Dixit, he dedicates it to his dog Thunti, who crossed the rainbow bridge earlier this year.  

Dixit said in his interview, “When we adopt pets, we give them a second chance at life and love. These beautiful souls will surely fill all our lives with unconditional and uncompromising love.” Dixit further noted that when he got Thunti from an animal shelter two years ago, his life changed. The dog reportedly came to his life at a time when he was depressed and so the doggo taught him “how simple it is to be happy, to forgive, how not to carry a baggage, how to live in the moment…”


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