Husband, Wife Groom Doggos And Use Music To…

A dog being groomed at a dog show

Guy and Colleen Rose, who are husband and wife, decided to put up a dog grooming business. They even use music in order to help calm the doggos down.

– A husband and wife decided to start a grooming business.
– They use music to calm the doggos.
– They also use…

Accordingly, Guy has been working as a groomer in a big corporation for more than two years. However, he later wanted to start his own business so he and his wife left the city to put up the grooming business they wanted. Now, Guy is the groomer while Colleen is the washer and dryer.

Aside from using music, they also use things that vibrate to get a dog’s attention. Also, they keep the dog close to a person so they will get the emotional support they need.


Dog owners should really contact Guy and Colleen as they are also working with Valhalla Canine Rescue. They do the dogs’ grooming from the shelter for free. The couple said in a statement, “We love to help them out because that’s what we’re here for; we’re here for the pets.”

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