Hospice Center Decided To Get A Therapy Dog To Be Part Of Their…

A dog's paw and a human's hand

In Kentucky, a local hospice got a therapy dog to be part of their integrative medicine program. The program includes arts, massage therapy, and music.

– A local hospice has a new team member.
– It is a therapy dog named Grace.
– Grace is part of an integrative medicine program, which includes arts, massage therapy, and music.

The new therapy dog is named Grace and she just finished her months-long training. The doggo will be interacting with patients at the Greg and Noreen Wills Hospice Care Center and other nursing homes as well as assisted living facilities. The therapy dog became part of the team because it has been proven that petting doggos and other animals can reduce a person’s anxiety, pain, and stress.


Grace already started working and the staff associate vice president shared, “I heard staff saying you could just feel the atmosphere change and that everybody seemed to be more comfortable more relaxed and she just brightened the day.”

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