Sydney Is Not The Only Area That Has New Police Dog Security Measures For A Music-Related Event

Police dogs under training

Last week, reports have surfaced online regarding criticisms against police dogs in Sydney’s Above And Beyond event because those who will be stopped by police dogs despite not having drug would be banned from the music festival. Now, Hong Kong’s Road to Ultra music festival also has new police dog security measures arising from one death from the same event last year.

Police in plain clothes and police dogs will be deployed at Hong Kong’s Road to Ultra music festival.
– Police will test the music festival goer’s clothes and belongings.
– Those caught with drugs may be imprisoned for…

This year, the music festival goers will have their clothes and belongings tested for drugs. Those who will be caught having even tiny amounts of drugs on them will be imprisoned for seven years. Those who will be caught selling, on the other hand, will face life imprisonment.


Police dogs and police officers in plain clothes will be deployed at the music festival.

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