High School Music Program Wanted To Raise Funds Using Doggos – Did They Succeed?

A dog on a kayak

The High School Music Program of Seabreeze High School was a success! The event’s aim was to raise funds for the students of the music program.

Dogs and dog owners went to the fundraising event by Seabreeze High School.
– The program aimed to raise funds for the Seabreeze Marching 100 and Symphony Orchestra.
– Dogs and dog owner went paddle boarding and kayaking during the event.

The event was held on April 29 at Fortunato Park. Dogs, dog owners, and dog lovers were all at the event. They went to the river using paddle boards and kayaks and the money from it was given to Seabreeze Marching 100 and Symphony Orchestra. The group of students was invited by lord mayor of Westminster for the New Year’s Day Parade this January 2019.


The funds for the students are not enough yet but the fundraising event involving dogs and dog owners was a success. For those who want to donate, they can go to: https://www.gofundme.com/shs-london.

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