Don’t Resort To Prescription Drugs Right Away! Music Can Help Your Dog

Dog listening to music

A lot of dogs get stressed and suffer from anxiety. Going to your vet right away might not be the best option because music can help your doggo.

One way to help your stressed dog is to let him listen to music.
– Music genres like reggae, pop, and jazz are recommended.
– Listening to music decreases…

First, you have to understand that some signs you have to watch out for are if your doggo tucks his tail, is salivating, lifting his front paw, or pushing back his ears. If this happens, it is best to let your dog listen to music. Your dog may listen to reggae, classic, pop, jazz, or Motown. Playing music decreases the heart rate of doggos. Playing music also encourages doggos to bark lesser. If one music genre does not work, keep on trying other types of music until your dog finally calms down.


It is also recommend to mix it up a bit with regard to you and your doggo’s schedule or routine.

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