Happy Children – Therapy Doggo Joins Program At One School’s Music Class

A Yellow Labrador

A five-year-old yellow Labrador is the therapy dog at a school called Alberton School District. The doggo has a huge role at the school because the doggo helps children in any way it could.

– Alberton School District has their own therapy dog.
– The dog is owned and handled by the school’s music teacher.
– The dog sometimes dances with kids during music class or…

The dog goes to school every day with her handler and owner, the school music teacher. During one class, the teacher told the students that when he plays his guitar, the kids can move like the music. The kids did what was asked of them and the therapy dog later joined in. Aside from dancing with kids during music class, the therapy dog also goes to the counselor’s office to calm a student down who may be upset or stressed.

Initially, the board members did not want to push through with the dog being at the school every day. However, after the positive effects outweighed the bad, the dog underwent training and is now an integral part of the school’s system.


Read more about this therapy dog from the informative article of Cameron Evans at – https://missoulian.com

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