Man Who Has A Guide Dog Provides Musical Entertainment To Little Kids

Guide dogs

A blind man who gets help from his guide dog trained to become a music therapist. The man targets kids in providing musical entertainment as a form of his therapy.

A blind man is a music therapist.
– He helps people especially kids.
– The music therapist has a guide dog.

The man, Jerry Maccoux, uses a piano keyboard to provide music therapy. As of now, Maccoux is part of the Rolling Hills Consolidated Library summer program. Maccoux said that an ad on a magazine regarding music therapy inspired him to be what he is today. Music therapy helps people physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. He worked for the Northwest Missouri Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center for more than 22 years.

As for his guide dog, he said that he went to a school to find a match. He compared meeting his dog to a dating service.


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