Ground Dog Day? Know More About It Below

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Ground Dog Day is an annual event that brings together the community. The Ground Dog Day is to take place on February 1 and it will center on the predictions as to when spring will come.

– Ground Dog Day will take place in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on January 1.
– The first and only weather doggo, Shipoke Sheena, will make predictions as to when Spring will come.
– There will be music, free coffee…

Accordingly, Pennsylvania’s first and only weather doggo, Shipoke Sheena, will be giving the predictions on February 1, Saturday, with the help of meteorologists from NASA. Notable personalities like Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse will be at the annual event. Papenfuse shared of the event, “I am delighted to once again join Harrisburg residents and friends in this annual tradition. This is always a fun community festivity that has become a signature event for our city. It’s a great way to join neighbors and friends in hoping for an early Spring.” Shipoke Sheena will be dressed like a bear pretending to be a groundhog during the event.

The event will start at 7:30 in the morning. There will be music, free coffee, free hot chocolate, and gourmet donuts.


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