Do You Like Greeting Cards That Play Music? This Dog Loved This Father’s Day Card So Much That…

A Golden Retriever pup

Father’s Day 2018 was a day to remember for this family after their doggo did something unexpected. The father of the family received a father’s day greeting card that played music and the doggo loved it since he heard it.

A dog owner received a Father’s Day card.
– The card played music whenever it was opened.
– The dog loved the music so much that…

The fur daddy took to Imgur to post a video of his golden retriever puppy running up to him and to the car with music whenever the car was opened. The card also sported a similar-looking pop-up image of the family’s doggo.

In the video, the dog could be seen running to his owner and cannot stop wagging his tail. The dog even paws at the card and gives the dog owner a kiss. It is unclear, however, what kind of music was playing from the father’s day card.


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