Local Festival Launched Again In Order To Benefit Humane Societies And Get Doggos Adopted

Dogs inside kennels at an adoption event

A local festival in Florence, South Carolina has returned and it is called the “Grateful Dog Festival.” The event was brought back in order to raise funds for humane societies and get dogs adopted.

The annual “Grateful Dog Festival” took place over the weekend in South Carolina.
– Dogs were in the area and some of them were out for adoption.
– There was live music during the event.

This is the seventh year that the annual event took place and many owners also set-up at the event to show their products. As for doggos, they were allowed to be at the event and some were even taken there to be fostered or adopted. There were also cold drinks, food, and many activities during the “Grateful Dog Festival.” Locals say it is a great way to bring citizens together for a good cause.


During the event, there were also local bands that played live music.

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