Wow, This Girl Is Going Places! She Just Raised Funds For Police Dogs At The…

A police dog with his handler

A seven-year-old girl raised funds for police doggos in her area. She came up with the idea of candy fundraiser and was able to raise more than $3,300.

– A seven-year-old girl loves raising funds.
– The funds are given to police departments.
– The latest fundraising was for a police dog named…

The police dog that benefited from the fundraising event is from Alle-Kiski Valley. The police dog named Deuce is handled by New Kensington police Officer Joe Martino. During the event there was live music and many raffles. There were a lot of people who attended as well as many officers from the different police departments in their community.

This was not the first fundraising event of the girl. Last year, she was able to raise around $20,000 for the Harrison Township Police Department. Other fundraising events include selling lemonade and cookies.


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