This 10-Year-Old’ Gesture For Doggos At A Local Shelter Will Melt Your Heart

Dogs at a shelter

Dogs at a shelter can be really sad so this girl did something amazing for them. The 10-year-old has brought her ukulele and played these doggos a song that surely made their heart happy.

A girl plays her ukulele for dogs at a local shelter.
– Music has been proven to help dogs be more calm.
– The girl usually sings and plays music for dogs that are…

The 10-year-old girl was identified as Nancy Tant and she recently visited the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley to serenade the doggos and other pets at the shelter. According to the Humane Society public relations coordinator, kids usually offer a few minutes of their time to read to doggos. Tant was the first to volunteer to share her talent in music and they gave it the green light because there have been many studies saying that music calms doggos.


Tant usually sings to those dogs and other pets that are more difficult to adopt.

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