Singer Gareth Thomas Has A New Song And It Is All About Mental Health And A Family Dog

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Singer Gareth Thomas just released a new song called “My Dog.” The song has two sides – first, it is about mental health, and second, it is about a family dog.

– Singer Gareth Thomas released a new song.
– The song is called “My Dog.”
– The song pertains to mental health and a family dog.

Accordingly, the song that talks of mental health pertains to the Black Dog that waits for everyone. As for the family dog story, it talks of its escape from its owners. The song was actually inspired by the fact that Thomas’ dog did not come home for two days and he later found the doggo across New Plymouth. He shared in a statement adding that the dog looked panicked, “He was running up Tukapa Street frantically looking left to right to left to right. Too many corners to choose from. Panting furiously, his heart beating in a flutter and his eyes were glazed over. That was exactly how I felt. Too many turns to choose from, too many decisions and too many expectations.”

The song was written in the bedroom of the singer. More on Thomas, he will reportedly release a new album by 2021.


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