Is Your Fur Baby The Top Dog They Are Looking For To Start In A Musical?

A Staffordshire

Doggos are being called in order to see if they are the top dog producers are looking for. Producer Lionel Bart will be making a musical for “Oliver!” and they need a lookalike of the doggo to be the star of the February-set musical.

– A musical for “Oliver!” will be showing February next year.
– Now, they are looking for a doggo that could play the dog star of the show.
– The dog is a bull terrier that has a distinctive black patch around the…

The doggo they are looking for is a bull terrier that will play the role of Bill Sykes’ canine friend, Bullseye. The story revolves around Sykes being a robber and murderer. He works with Fagin and his group. Bullseye is always beside Sykes and is said to have a distinctive black patch around his eye. This marking is very important because producers want to make the musical as realistic as possible compared to the original.

The auditions for the role at the musical will be on November 30. The dog or dogs who will be chosen will have to be available for rehearsals for weeks before the February shows.


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