Funeral Home Adds New Element In Comforting Grieving Families And It Involves A Doggo

A dog's paw and a human's hand

A funeral home in Williamsburg, Virginia decided to add an emotional support dog so they can help families grieving. The dog will be comforting the family members of a deceased person while classical music is playing in the background.

– An emotional support dog is now part of a funeral parlor.
– The dog is now under the Bucktrout of Williamsburg funeral home.
– The dog is still under training and is learning how to…

The dog is now working at Bucktrout of Williamsburg funeral home. This came after the office manager and her team suggested if they could get a dog at the funeral parlor. The bosses did not say now so the office manager came up with a power presentation “on why we need a dog her in the funeral home.” The dog, named Benjamin, was trained to be an emotional support dog since he was only 11 weeks old. The dog is now learning more like how to sit, stay, not to jump on people, not to lick, and more.

The funeral director at the funeral home said that the dog is now being slowly integrated and he has sat on some ceremonies. Family members have come to pet the dog and gave the doggo some love.


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