Fundraising Event For Doggos, Other Animals Kicked Off Over The Weekend And It Was Loads Of Fun!

Doggos at an event

A fundraising event by High Sierra Animal Rescue (HSAR) for its 20th year kicked off last weekend. Doggos, dog owners, and dog lovers all had a great time during the event.

– The fifth annual Paws on Parade took place last weekend.
– The event included a lot of events for dogs like dog musical chairs.
– The event was organized by HSAR, which helps dogs and other animals.

The fundraising event started with the 5th annual Paws on Parade and the event started from 9 A.M. through 2 P.M. The event was free and it was also a family-friendly event. The event had a lot of fun activities for dogs such as dog musical chairs dog scavenger hunt, and dog costume contest. HSAR always holds the fundraising events to use it to help local homeless doggos.

One of the highlights of the fundraising event is the Retrievers Ball. Prizes were inside winning balls and people got the chance to win golf packages, dinner packages, gift cards, and a whole lot more. Also, HotRodHounds Flyball from Reno entertained the event-goers by showing doggos racing, going thru hurdles, and the like.


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