Dog Days Of Summer Fundraiser Was Done To Raise Money For Food, Resources For Fur Babies

A dog inside a doggie house

In Montana, there was a fundraiser event called Dog Days of Summer. It was launched and organized by a non-profit dog and other pets rescue organization called Animeals.

A fundraising event was held in Montana to help dogs at a rescue shelter.
– The non-profit organization called Animeals organized the event.
– Dog houses made by…

Animeals are linked to cats but in truth, the fundraising event’s main goal is to help doggos. Last year, the fundraising event raised 196,000 pounds of food and 101,000 were given to doggos. This year, the fundraising event included the auctioning of dog houses that were built by the members of the Armed Forces Reserves Center in the area. Five were hand-painted by artists also from the area.

It is unclear how much was raised this time. There was also live music to entertain the event-goers. The band 406 played for the crowd.


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