Pitiful Turn Of Events: French Pop Musician’s Dog Killed During Dispute With Neighbors

Three Pitbulls

A French pop musician from the former European boy band G- Squad claims that his dog was killed during a dispute with neighbors.

– A musician’s dog was killed recently.
– The neighbor of the musician was the one who shot the dog.
– The three pit bulls of the musician reportedly escaped from home and…

The musician moved to Rayne, Louisiana with his family to settle down just last July. According to police reports, the dogs, three pit bulls, escaped from their backyard on Tuesday. The doggos then ran across the street and into the property of their neighbor and attacked the neighbor’s Rottweiler.

The neighbor then shot one of the pit bulls and the doggo died within minutes. The neighbor said that the dog that he shot already had his dog on the neck so he had no choice but to shoot the dog. The two other dogs of the musician are with animal control. It is unclear if there will be charges filed against the neighbor.


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