Late Musician’s Daughter Talks About The Death Of Her Doggo

A black French bulldog

The only child of the late musician Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean Cobain, recently talked about having no memories about her dead father and how she has accepted death at a very young age. She noted that because of this, she has easily accepted the death of her doggo recently.

Frances Bean Cobain is the only child of the late musician Kurt Cobain.
– She talked about death.
– Frances recently had to put her dog down and…

Kurt took his life when Frances was only 20 months old. She said that she was always accepting of death although she always got sad. She revealed that when she was a child, she had animals that died and she knew it was a “very natural part of life.” Frances said that she is thankful about this mindset of hers because she recently had to put her doggo down.


Frances said she decided to put her dog down because it was selfish to let the doggo suffer from pain. She also said that her ex-boyfriend was even more emotional over the death of the dog although it was hers and not his.

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