Looking For A Dog Trainer? Musician In Texas Uses Sounds To Train Doggos

A man training a dog

In Bryan, Texas, a former country music artist has devoted his time to train doggos. He used to tour a lot and it was tough on his family so he decided to get another job that he also loves so he stays close to his loved ones.

– A former musician decided to pursue his other passion.
– He is now a dog trainer.
– He also offers other services like dog sitting and doggie daycare.

The former musician, Trey Clark, said that it has always been his other passion to train doggos. He wants to help families to take a break from teaching their dogs some tricks and good behavior. He noted that dogs can actually feel the tone of their humans so the training between them usually ends up in frustration.

Clark said that he found a way to better train doggos. He uses hand gestures and netural sounds in order to make doggos follow him.


Clark also offers other services such as dog sitting and doggie daycare.

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