Dog Kennel That Blocks Out Noise? Ford Just Invented It And It’s Perfect This Holiday Season

A dog inside a wooden dog house

Christmas and New Year are just a few days away and sometimes there are fireworks or really loud music. If you have a dog, you know that such noises are some of their stressors.

– Ford came up with a new product.
– The product is not related to cars because it was designed especially for doggos.
– The product is not yet out in the market and…

That is why Ford came up with a noise-cancelling kennel where your doggo will feel safe and unfazed despite the loud music or noises. Accordingly, Ford’s new product was made out of the same microphone and speaker system in one of their cars, the Ford Edge. Such materials are able to analyze the sound and cancel what will be stressful to your doggo.


The product, however, is not yet available in the market. Its price has not been determined yet but it might be hefty. The product’s features include automatically closing glass door and a cork floor.

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