First Ever Dog Festival Of Pet Pals Was A Success! Music, Dogs, And Food

A dog at a music festival

The first ever dog festival called Poochella launched by Pet Pals took place last April 22. The festival-goers enjoyed music, food, and the sight of doggos.

A dog festival called Poochella took place in Ohio.
– Dogs and dog owners were present.
– This happened before the finals of students from…

The first celebration took place in Ohio. Pet Pals is a student organization within Ohio Wesleyan University. The festival happened before the final exams. Pet Pals said that they wanted to connect the students on campus and the citizens with the local businesses in the area so as to improve the lives of the doggos.

Around 70 festival goers attended the event. Some of the highlights of the event was when visitors were able to create dog toys for their doggos. Students said that they were able to relax and destress due to the good music and the presence of many dogs.


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