Who Are Your Favorite Singers Who Have Decided To Let Their Dogs Have Cameos In Their Music Videos?

A photo of a dog and its dog owner on the beach

Throughout the years, many singers have showed their love for their dogs by placing them in a frame or two of their music videos. Here’s some of those singers and which music videos were their adorable doggos spotted.

– A lot of singers have featured their dogs or cats in their music video.
– One is Taylor Swift who featured her three cats in her music video for “Me!”
– Miley Cyrus also showed off her Shetland Sheepdog named…

Miley Cyrus is one of those singers on the list. When she released her music video for her hit song “Malibu,” her doggo Emu, a Shetland Sheepdog, was seen frolicking under the sun with her in the music video. Another singer is Katy Perry, who have showed off her tiny doggo Nugget in her new music video for “Small Talk.”

Ariana Grande and Maria Carey have also showed off their dogs in some of their music videos. Taylor Swift, on the other hand, have decided her three cats to be part of her music video for the hit song “Me!”


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