One Of The Events During Make Music Day Will Feature A Play About Doggos

A lost dog

Oregon is one of the participating areas in the world that will be celebrating Make Music Day. A play about dogs will be held and Theatre 33 and dog owners and dog lovers alike will surely enjoy it.

A play about a dog who escaped from home will be held in Oregon.
– This play is in line with the Make Music Day event.
– Kids will enjoy the story about the dog because…

Executive Director Thomas Nabhan of Theatre 33 talked about the play called “Lost Dog.” The play is about a dog in Salem and he escapes. A couple of animal friends help the doggo get home. There will be a lot of lessons that kiddos could learn from. Those who may attend the play about the lost dog should be five years old and up.


The play about the lost doggo will be on May 18 at 7 P.M. and May 19 at 5 P.M. Those who will watch do not need to pay anything but a $10 donation is optional.

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