This Event Has Everything You Love: Cheese, Dogs, And The Possibility of Beating Cancer

A photo showing lots of dogs

The fifth annual Queso Bowl event in Texas will be taking place this May 3. The event that is filled with music and encourages the participation of dog owners and their furry friends will be from 5:30 P.M to 9:30 P.M.

An event in Texas centers on beating cancer.
– People who will join the event may bring their dogs.
– Doggos can join the costume contest portion of the annual event.

The event in Texas is hosted by Young Texans Against Cancer-San Antonio. The participants are aged 22 to 45 and dog owners can bring their doggos if they feel like it. The event talks about cancer in order to bring awareness regarding the deadly disease. The proceeds from the event will help cancer patients with the payment of their bills. The extra money will be used for cancer research development.

Dogs can participate in the canine costume contest. There will be games and contests at the Queso Bowl event.


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