Entertainment At Its Finest – Dancing Doggo Loves Cardi B And Khalid’s Music

A woman and her dog dancing

A doggo, which is a corgi, has become an Instagram star after he has showed off his dance moves. Now, the music he loves to dance to are those of Cardi B and Khalid.

A dog loves to dance.
– The music he usually dances to are those from Cardi B and Khalid.
– The dog has an Instagram account and a recent video of his dance moves was uploaded to…

The doggo, dubbed as Paul the Antisocial Corgi, became a sensation after a video of him having a dance-off with his human made rounds on Reddit. Later, a fan of the dog took to Twitter to repost the video. The dog owner said that she started taking care of the doggo when he was 4 years old. They have been together for a year now.

The doggo can dance to any kind of music. Aside from dancing, the dog can also do lots of tricks and loves to be the subject of his human’s photos.


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