Employees, Residents Got A Surprise From A Doggo At This Center For People With Dementia

A dog's paw and a human's hand

“Time For You” sessions is a program at the West Bradford Village Hall of Crossroads Care every Thursday. The recent one was filled with live music and a visit from a doggo.

– Crossroads Care, a place for people living with dementia, had a wonderful time last Thursday.
– Their “Time For You” session was filled with music.
– There was also a therapy dog from…

Crossroads Care provides a place for people living with dementia. The live music and the therapy dog was very much appreciated by the residents. The time with the dog named Millie from Pets as Therapy dog was well spent by the residents as they said hello to it and pet it in the morning. Millie is a Cockerpoo.

The residents then had lunch and after that the Ukulele Orchestra played music for everyone to enjoy. They played well-known songs and other types of music for their audience.


Read the amazing scoop by Faiza Afzaal at – https://www.clitheroeadvertiser.co.uk/

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