Does Ed Sheeran Request For Doggos For Emotional Support Before His Shows?

A dog at a garden with its owner

Musician Ed Sheeran is reported to have requested a doggo for emotional support before his show in Amsterdam. One man claims on Twitter that Sheeran requested for the presence of his dog inside his dressing room before he sang for a crowd.

Ed Sheeran allegedly requested for a dog before his show in Amsterdam.
– It was reportedly for emotional support.
– The dog of a hip-hop band member was reportedly the doggo chosen…

A man named Ros, who is a member of a Dutch hip-hop collective band called Black Acid, took to Twitter to say that, Sheeran “wanted to cuddle with dogs in Holland for his show and especially pablo was asked.” Pablo is Ros’ dog, a Maltese. The incident reportedly took place last June when Sheeran played at the Amsterdam Arena.

Sheeran does not seem to be a fan of dogs, however. He does not have photos of dogs on his Instagram or any other social media platform. Sheeran is yet to comment on this report.


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